• April 2012. Active Annotation of Corpora. Presentation at the Text Analysis Seminar. Göttingen Center for Digital Humanities (GCDH). Göttingen. Germany. (PDF)
  • January 2011. Resources for linguisticaly motivated anaphora resolution. PhD defense. Rovereto. Italy. (PDF)
  • May 2010. Anaphoric Annotation of Wikipedia and Blogs in the Live Memories Corpus 7th International Conference on Language Ressources and Evaluation (LREC 2010). Valetta. Malta. (PDF)
  • March 2009. Cross document coreference Seminar on EXtreme Information Extraction (SEXIE). Rovereto. Italy. (PDF)
  • Juni 2007. “Standoff Coordination for Multi-Tool Annotation in a Dialogue Corpus.” Poster presentation. The Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW-07). Prague. Czech Republic. (PDF)
  • Juni 2007. “The LUNA Corpus: an Annotation Scheme for a Multi-domain Multi-lingual Dialogue Corpus.” Invited talk by project D1 “Linguistic Database for Information Structure: Annotation and Retrieval ” of the Collaborative Research Center SFB 632 “Information Structure”. Potsdam. Germany. (PDF)
  • Mai 2007. “The LUNA Corpus: an Annotation Scheme for a Multi-domain Multi-lingual Dialogue Corpus.” Poster presentation. The 11th Workshop on the Semantic and Pragmatics of Dialogue (DECALOG’07). Rovereto (TN). Italy. (PDF)
  • July 2004. “Form, Intonation and Function of Clarification Requests in German task-oriented spoken dialogues.” Talk at the 8th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (CATALOG’04). Barcelona. Catalonia.
  • July 2004. “Forma, entonación y función de solicitudes de clarificación en diálogos instruccionales en alemán.” Poster presentation at the XX Congress of the “Sociedad Española para el Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural” (SEPLN). Barcelona. Catalonia.
  • July 2003. “Determination der Informationsstruktur in einem Dialogsystem” (Determination of the information structure in a dialogue system).Departament of Linguistics at the University of Potsdam. Colloquium for computational linguistics. Potsdam. Germany. (Handout-PDF)
    Materials in German.
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