About me

I am computational linguist with focus of interest on corpus linguistics and corpus based methods for semantic interpretation and content extraction. I am interested also on the use of semantic technologies in digital humanities, and digital collections and libraries in general.

Topics of special interest include the use of knowledge representation and semantic technologies for integration of digital data from different sources and for the improvement of the user interaction.

Currently I work at the Research and Development Department of the Göttingen State and University Library (Göttingen, Germany). In the lab I am active at the EHRI project (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure), a project that aims to build a Virtual Research Environment for research about the Shoah.

Dr. Kepa J. Rodriguez
State and University Library Göttingen
Papendiek Str. 14
Tel: +49-551-39-12238
e-mail: NOSPAMrodriguez AT sub DOT uni MINUS goettingen DOT de

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