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The Holocaust and the (Digital) Photographic Documentation


19-21 September 2011: International Workshop at NIOD, Amsterdam

The European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) intends to organize an international expert meeting in which the place of photography in historical research of the Holocaust will be discussed. The meeting aims to comibine the growing academic interest in photography with the increasing digitisation and opening up of photographic archives. The overall aim is to generate a creative exchange between researchers on the many aspects of the photographic representation of the Holocaust. Archivists of picture collections and e-scientists will be invited to discuss how EHRI can fulfill its purpose of creating a European research infrastructure, focussing on the photographic represenatation of the Holocaust.

Researchers and experts working in the fields described in this call are invited to submit proposals for papers to be discussed at the expert meeting. The deadline will be June 1st 2011. Everyone who has submitted a proposal will be notified about acceptance or refusal by July 1st 2011.

Read more about this call for papers and find out how you can participate in the call for papers

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